Vedic Meditation is easy to learn and simple to practice when taught by a qualified teacher.

It’s an effortless technique designed for busy people with no concentration or control required.

This is unlike some other meditation techniques where the aim is to silence the mind. 

The Vedic Meditation practice is to sit comfortably in a chair twice a day for twenty minutes each time with the eyes closed and think a mantra given by the teacher.

The mantra is a meaningless sound that takes the mind inward and facilitates deep rest.

The rest gained from this practice calms the nervous system and helps the mind and body relax.

Deep rest and relaxation reduces stress and anxiety. There are now a multitude of scientific studies showing how reducing fatigue and anxiousness allows the body to heal and thrive.

One of the great benefits of Vedic Meditation is that the meditator experiences greater awareness which fosters improved creativity and clarity. 

Other benefits include better sleep and greater energy.  

Vedic Meditation is sourced from the Vedas - an ancient body of knowledge from India that teaches about the nature of life.

The traditional medicine system known as Ayurveda is also derived from this source.

And the famous epic Indian tales such as the Mahabharata and the Upanishads are found here.